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November 4 & 5, 2023

Orlando, Florida

   Make & Take Hands-On Demo of Cavebot Painting. Pick a cavebot, paint a canvs, take them home. $5 fee covers the cost of the robot, canvas and paint. STEM - learn how the robot works, movement variations, basic electricity, abstract painting, ultraviolet lighting, have fun, free stickers!


Cavebot robot painting sries 2 number 18 canvas
series 2 - number 18

6"x 4" canvas & Cavebot
Make & Take Hands-On
for Maker Faire Orlando 2023

Cavebot Army - ready for Maker Faire Orlando 2023


6 x 4 box frames - w/ 2 UV LEDs powered by 3 AA - 13 AVAILABLE

Palm Beach Maker Faire logo Cox science center and aquairium logo

May 20, 2023

Palm Beach, Florida

      Hands-On demo of Cavebot Painting $5 - keep the bristlebot and canvas as a souvenir! Pick out a cavebot (built & ready to activate), dip a foot in the paint and set it loose on a 4" x 4" canvas. Learn abstract painting & electrical circuit & simple robotics. Free stickers.

Also, some of my Series 1 & Series 2  paintings on display under UV blacklight.

  robot painting hands-on demo kit
Cavebot Painting display

Blacklight Art on foldable display wall

Vyd & Terry cosplay lighting

Maker Faire guests trying hands-on cavebot painting demo - 29 units sold

personal lighting cosplay

cavebot hands-on demo learning cavebot hands-on demo happy family cavebot hands-on demo participation

Empire State Maker Faire logo


Empire State online edition

       Presented as video How To segments on their portal.


Cavebot painting with UV LEDs

Series 1 #13 

Palm Beach Maker Faire logo


Palm Beach,Florida

         My first attempt to present Cavebot painting as a hands-on demo. Steep learning curve!
  Cavebot Maker Faire display

Maker Faire Orlando logo


Orlando, Florida

         I brought my early Cavebot paintings along to support my fortune teller installation and was inspired by an event host to pursue them as a hands-on demo. Thank you very, very much to the organizer who encouraged me to go for it and all the event guests who offered positive feedback! 
  Vyd Keryx Maker Faire art display